A Vacation In China

Why China?

Planning for a nice getaway? Thinking about going around Asia? Try picking China as your next destination!

Why China you ask? Well yes, most of us would probably pick Japan or Korea as the usual destination spots when going for a tour in Asia, and Taiwan and Hong Kong are the usual picks too.

Well, let me tell you that China has lots to offer as well.

It’s tricky to go solo since you’ll be using Mandarin most of the time, but don’t let it deter you,  and despite what the western media says about China, it’s a country that offers cultural diversity and are open to visitors.

“It’s a country that offers cultural diversity and are open to visitors”

So, why not open the doors of China and take a step in, and explore?

These sights will surely make you want to book for a trip to China!

Infographic about tourist spots in China

Images and Icons from Freepik and Flaticon respectively.

These aren’t the only places you could visit of course, but these are quite popular tourist spots for starters and there’s more where that came from.


Destinations are one thing, but we’re not just there for the destinations and attractions
Of course there would be festivals and an assortment of things to do.

Speaking of festivals, plan accordingly if you want to experience those as they are seasonal. A very good example is the Chinese Lantern Festival which happens every Chinese New Year.

If you’re packing light, just staying for just a week, I’d suggest you pick a hotel. But if you wanna experience more, and if you’d like to spend a few weeks, that means China vacation rentals is the best for you to get the most out of your trip, and way practical if you’re planning for more than one destination.

At this point you might be wondering about vacation rentals and what are the advantages, but we’ll cover that in another time.

But if you want to know more about it, you could read an insightful article here.

Long story short, prepare in advance whenever you’re traveling, and be ready for anything for a worry free vacation.

Whenever you’re ready, book for a trip and choose your accommodations wisely and make every cent count.

Closing Statement

It’s all fun and excitement when traveling around the world, but it would do you well if you broaden your horizons and study a little bit before you charge in.

Knowledge is Power, and that knowledge and some preparations would help you avoid headaches. Keep that in mind as you go.

It’s been fun writing this article, and I have high hopes this gave you some information and a bit of excitement for your next trip.

See you in the next article, and safe travels fellow adventurers!


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