A Nice R&R in France

Bonjour la France!

Hello everyone and welcome again to this wonderful blog, previously we talked about the places you can go to in China and also about tips when booking for a trip there and I’ll do the detailed process for booking now, for those who missed out on the previous article, you can look here.

Now, we are going to take a trip to France, well… A virtual trip. Actually we’ll talk more about France as the title implies, we’ll cover the popular destinations as usual and also some side trips. I’m actually a history junkie so France is right in my alley and I’m very much excited to get on with this already and share what I can.


About France

First thing that comes into mind when you hear France is the Eiffel tower located in Paris. Of course you’ll also immediately think of the food which are tres delicieux (aside omelette du fromage, baguette and croissant of course), the romantic getaways, the wine, and of course fashion.

There’s a lot more than that. You’ve gotta experience visiting the countryside to appreciate all the nature France can offer as well, and it’s the real European experience and if you appreciate history , you’d love France better.

I’ll be showing you the usual places of course  but I’ll throw in a mix of historical places in there.  I’m not gonna say much except; Marvel at the sights you’ll see and we’ll go over each of them

So, shall we?


For this one I suggest going to the Louvre, I personally love the avant garde architecture of the museum, if you’re curious about what’s inside look here and marvel at what it has to offer. Or if you wanna stroll around, look for good food, go around Champs Elysees. I assure you you’ll have a good time going over at the cafes  and shops there.

The French Riviera (Cote d’Azur)

Cote d’Azur of simply the French Riviera houses lots of holiday lettings, perfect if you want to spend time on the beach.


Normandy is perhaps my favorite place, not only that it’s full of history, you could see the beauty of it today, and it shows a huge difference compared to when it was during the war, it could make you think we are better off without wars and just live in peace.
Normandy in itself is a symbol that detests war.


Amazing sights aren’t they? As you can see, France is pretty diverse in terms of geography. It both has bustling cities to serene countryside landscapes. More than that, it’s also a treasure trove for history fans especially Normandy; where D-Day occurred (it was the Normandy beach landings that turned the tide of war to the Allies’ favor) and also the Normandy beaches stand as a reminder of how horrible the war was.

Whether it’s leisure, relaxation or history, France can give you what you need.
Now, if you’d like to visit those places, it might take longer than a week so if I were you, I’d rent a holiday letting for a couple of weeks.

How to book for one

If you’re new at this, you might wanna look for an online booking site to arrange a schedule, just make sure you’re doing it in advance, say a few weeks ahead of time.

I was looking for affordable France holiday lettings myself, normally I’d look at airbnb, or flipkey but then I thought I’d use a different service this time around. And that’s where I found this fairly new booking site named eGetinnz.

So yeah, first I picked the Country and location I’m after, in my case it was Paris, France since it’s the most accessible.

Then, just set the check in and check out date, and how many guests you’ll be with, in that case mine was just 1, myself.

Press search and presto, it’ll show you the lists of rentals you could book for. I assure you it’s easy.

Tips that you should remember

Always remember that not all vacation rentals or holiday lettings offer the same amenities as a hotel would normally have. Renting for one means you only have an agreement with the owner of the house, but as for most of the time, it’s just you and the house so treat it as you would treat your home.

Also, it’s a good idea to befriend your host as future stays would be easier to arrange if you do. Play nice.

Also be aware that scams can happen so you’d be smart to have a backup plan should things go awry.

Anyways, that’s all of the tips I can give for now, once again it’s been a pleasure

See you all on the next trip! Safe travels!



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