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Fun & Thrilling Halloween Events Near Your San Francisco, California Vacation Rentals

Spending the Halloween season in San Francisco, California vacation rentals this year?

Don’t miss out the fun of trick-or-treating, partying, and enjoying other thrilling activities that will give you a good scare this Halloween.

Check out the following events in and around the country that cater to kids, adults, and thrill seekers both locals and tourists alike.

Trick-or-Treating for Kids

  • Candle Lighters Ghost House – enjoy a low-scare but fun Halloween experience with warlocks, witches, ghosts, and goblins in the Ghost House. Also expect treats, caramel apples, country store, and games as you join and help raise funds for non-profit groups and community-based projects in the Tri-Community.
  • Boo at the Zoo – let your kids in superheroes, zombies, and princes & princesses costumes have fun watching animal demonstrations, magicians & jugglers performing on stage, in this frightful yet magical treat for the whole family. Get access to over 40 treats stations in this spooktakular Halloween event.
  • Spooktacular Halloween Party – dress up your kids and join the fun activities such as face painting, pumpkin decorating, a bouncy house, arts & crafts, and exciting games at the Japan Center. This mall-wide trick or treating is free.
  • Halloween Hoopla – enjoy interactive performances and games for kids for free as your children don their favorite costumes at the Yerba Buena Gardens in San Francisco.
  • Supernatural Halloween –staying at vacation homes this season? Avail tickets and start trick-or-treating with your kids at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. Also enjoy the new Silent Disco as well as the previous attractions like magic & live animal shows, giant pumpkin carving and more.

Halloween Parties

  • Halloween International Ball Vol. 1& 2– spend two nights of dance and music in San Francisco’s premier Halloween party. Gain access to multiple rooms with various performances and music from world renowned DJs at W Hotel and Westing St. Francis on October 27 and 28, respectively.
  • LoveBoat Halloween –embark on the 10th year celebration of America’s most epic Halloween event.San Francisco’s Legendary Ghost Ship Halloween features art installation, music and dancing experience with DJs Fatboy Slim and Moby headlining the party. Book your tickets for the party here.
  • A Nightmare on Van Ness – expect a heavy night of revelry and debauchery as the 9th installment of the most extravagant Halloween party in San Francisco kicks off this year. Have a blast partying all night with three levels of non-stop entertainment, four hours of VIP open bar option and more.
  • Titanic Masquerade Halloween Party Cruise – if you’re staying at California holiday rentals, don’t miss the chance to spend a night of spectacular masquerade party with your loved one or friends. Enjoy three hours of open bar with fun-filled crowd aboard a cruise ship as you gaze at the breathtaking views of the Bay Bridge, the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, and the San Francisco Skyline among others.

Thrilling Activities

  • Fright Fest at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom – witness as creatures of nightmares—zombies, ghouls, clowns, and mad men with chainsaws—roam around haunted shipwreck, manors, scrapyards, hospitals, and other dark mazes in this night of fright. Join the thrilling hunt as darkness washes over Vallejo’s park here.
  • Pirates of Emerson Haunted Themed Park – have your yearly dose of fright as Pirates of Emerson hold its 26th year of striking fear in Pleasanton, Fairgrounds. Enjoy good scare in six thrilling haunted attractions, nightly entertainment, and other fun activities. Buy your tickets online.
  • Fear Overload Scream Park – dare enter the home of a deranged serial killer and the warehouse leading to the depths of the underworld in these spine-chilling San Leandro haunted attractions. Scream as you meet the infamous Plastic Surgeon and the ghastly girl who died of watching too much TV, both seeking revenge on their victims.
  • Dead Time Dreams – climb aboard the Ferryman’s boat as you experience the darkest last day of your life thru the Riverstyx and watch in horror as maniacs enjoy torture & suffering in the Dethworx. Reserve your tickets here and face the terror of death in this gruesome Halloween experience in San Jose.
  • Halloween Haunt at Great AmericaCalifornia’s Great America dares you to “enterthe realm of darkness and brave the many nightmares of our haunted attractions.” Be thrilled in rides, get lost in mazes, and survive scare zones as you spend a night of horror away from your vacation rentals in Santa Clara.





Vacation Rentals: China

What to do for next year

Heya! It’s already the 8th month of the year so we’re more than halfway into the next year, so far 2017’s been crazy yes? You’re probably thinking of taking a short break from work or a nice long rest abroad.

Why not  look for China vacation rentals to stay in soon?

If you’re planning to go to China and wanna book somewhere, it’s best to know why you’ll be there. So I’ll give you guys and gals a list of upcoming major festivals in China this coming year.

Hmm? Too soon to be expecting 2018? Well, I do think it’s good to be prepared always, and that also means doing things in advance so your trips would be smooth as silk. Continue reading →

Vacation Rentals: Spain

A Fistful of Tomatoes

Hola everybody! Today is a special day if you’re going for a vacation rental in Spain, or say if you’re already there. It’s about something round, red, and quite rich in lycopene.

Though this day it might probably land on someone else’s face *SPLAT*

Yep, today’s August 30th 2017, and it’s the last Wednesday of the month!
Prepare to get soaked in red, get splatted in the face, for today In Spain, today is:

Wait for it…


La Tomatina Festival

What is it though? How did it start?

La Tomatina festival is held in the town of Buñol, Valencia, Spain.
Like what I’ve been telling ya, this festival is basically a free for all tomato fight where in you throw tomatoes at strangers to the left, right and center, or probably back if you watch out.

You can even squish it on their faces at point blank.

You will definitely walk out all red… With tomato juice all over you!

La Tomatina Festival on the streets

So… much.. red…

Now, a little history lesson

So this all started on the last Wednesday of August in 1945 when some young folks spent the time in the town square to attend the Giants and Big-Heads figures parade.

They decided to join the parade retinue along with the musicians, Giants and Big-Heads figures. And them, being all hyper and stuff made a participant fall off. That person who fell off got well… a bit angry and started to hit everything in his path.

There was a vegetable stall that fell victim to the furious crowd: people started to fling tomatoes at each other until the cops ended that veggie fight.

The following year, they went at it again (the young folks) on purpose, and also brought their own tomatoes from home. Although the cops broke up the early tradition in the following years, they (the young folks)  had made history without being conscious about it.

Yep, in today’s terms, it went viral, locally.

The festival was banned in the early 50’s, which wasn’t a problem for the participants who got arrested. But the people spoke and the festivity was again allowed with more participants.


Aww 😦

The festivity was again cancelled till 1957 when, as a sign of protest, the tomato burial was held. It was a demonstration in which the residents carried a coffin with a huge tomato inside.

The parade was accompanied by a band which played funeral marches and it was totally successful.
La Tomatina Festival was finally allowed and became an official festivity. As a result of the report of Javier Basilio, broadcast in the Spanish television program called Informe Semanal, the festival started to be known in the rest of Spain.


La Tomatina near truck

It’s really a free for all


Since then, the number of participants increased year after year as well as the excitement about La Tomatina Festival.

In 2002, La Tomatina of Buñol was declared Festivity of International Tourist Interest by the Secretary Department of Tourism due to its success.

How it happens

The fight usually lasts an hour, and the aftermath? The whole town is red with tomato debris. Then fire trucks hoses the streets down and people wash themselves from the hoses that the locals provide. Some participants go to the “los peñones” pool to wash.

“You will definitely walk out all red… With tomato juice all over you!”


The acidity of the tomatoes leads to the washed surfaces in the town becoming very clean. (Nice bonus!)

UPDATE: In case you missed it, and curious how it happens, here’s how it looks

Since 2013 participation in the event has been restricted to the holders of paid tickets. In 2015, it is estimated that almost 145,000 kg of tomatoes were thrown.
(I could only say wow.)

It has rules

  1. No throwing of bottles or hard objects (For obvious reasons)
  2. No throwing or tearing of T-shirts like what Hulk Hogan does


    Like this. Or probably someone elses.

  3. Squash tomatoes (Prime it) before throwing (and fire in… the face?) to avoid
    injuries, because who wants to get hit with a round solid tomato right? That would hurt.
  4. Keep a safe distance from trucks… Tomatoes can be squished and might not complain, you on the other hand…
  5. Stop throwing tomatoes once you hear the second pistol shot. (It’s over when it’s over bud, got one in your hand? I guess you should eat it instead.)
  6. Follow directions from the security staff (Yep, play nice.)

What you’ll need to do

  • Waterproof your stuff, because after all the fun and say your gadgets get soaked, it wouldn’t be fun anymore.  OR, leave it in your rented vacation home or any other accommodation you got.
  • White shirts, yep soak it all in. Tell your grandchildren of the next generation how you survived the tomatocalypse.1uynjl.jpg
  • Eye protection, in case you don’t see it coming and it happens to hit you so hard on the face. Save yourself from eye burns and black eyes.
  • Food and drink, well it’s obvious why, but please, don’t pick up and eat a thrown tomato. Oh and do not… I repeat… do NOT try to get a drink from the fire hose!

It’s like this on a fire hose except you get knocked over and out.

Now? Have fun!

Well for those who are already in Spain, you now know what’s up, but if you’re a tourist who wants to visit, mark your calendars!

This is one festival you shouldn’t miss, so be sure to book for an accommodation there.

Safe travels now!


Facts taken from :

Vacation Destination: California

Travel Trivia Time!

When going for a vacation abroad, it’s necessary to arm yourself with whatever information you could find about the place you’re going to.
In this case, we’ll be going to California.

Probably you’ll stay in a hotel, or probably look for California vacation homes to stay in?
As a tourist, you’ll be marveling at most of the sights you’ll see while you travel around, trying to know more about places, it’s history and such.

That’s probably the tour guide’s job, but it wouldn’t hurt to research a bit more before heading out to your great adventure.

I got your back on this one, and how?

I made an infographic that shows you some of the things you might wanna know that are either informative or cool.

Might never know when it becomes useful, who knows, you might be a tour guide yourself someday. I myself love trivia, so I’m sharing my work with all of you.


An infographic that shows a brief trivia about the state of California which is useful for your getaways for California Vacation Homes

A brief trivia about the state of California

I’m sure Arnold Schwarzenegger isn’t much of a surprise here, I just like the GET TO DA CHOPPA part. (Childhood actor-hero thing)

What strikes my interest here really is about the wine, I remember fellow bloggers talking about the wine tasting which mostly occurs around Napa County and Sonoma County so definitely that’s worth checking out.

And the Golden Gate bridge also holds an anniversary celebration every May 27th
and next year marks the 81st anniversary. That, you shouldn’t miss.

If you wanna know more about where you should go in California and what to do, you may visit my earlier blogs which I made using blogger.

I actually have read more trivia elsewhere and mostly on the link I provided in the infographic, there are lots more where that came from and I suggest looking at em if you got the time for it. It’s a good read trust me.

As I always emphasize: “Knowledge is Power.
So do let me know if you got more fun facts, I’d be happy to read em!

So do try to expand your horizons, being informed might lead you to better things.

Safe travels and happy adventuring!

A Nice R&R in France

Bonjour la France!

Hello everyone and welcome again to this wonderful blog, previously we talked about the places you can go to in China and also about tips when booking for a trip there and I’ll do the detailed process for booking now, for those who missed out on the previous article, you can look here.

Now, we are going to take a trip to France, well… A virtual trip. Actually we’ll talk more about France as the title implies, we’ll cover the popular destinations as usual and also some side trips. I’m actually a history junkie so France is right in my alley and I’m very much excited to get on with this already and share what I can.


About France

First thing that comes into mind when you hear France is the Eiffel tower located in Paris. Of course you’ll also immediately think of the food which are tres delicieux (aside omelette du fromage, baguette and croissant of course), the romantic getaways, the wine, and of course fashion.

There’s a lot more than that. You’ve gotta experience visiting the countryside to appreciate all the nature France can offer as well, and it’s the real European experience and if you appreciate history , you’d love France better.

I’ll be showing you the usual places of course  but I’ll throw in a mix of historical places in there.  I’m not gonna say much except; Marvel at the sights you’ll see and we’ll go over each of them

So, shall we?


For this one I suggest going to the Louvre, I personally love the avant garde architecture of the museum, if you’re curious about what’s inside look here and marvel at what it has to offer. Or if you wanna stroll around, look for good food, go around Champs Elysees. I assure you you’ll have a good time going over at the cafes  and shops there.

The French Riviera (Cote d’Azur)

Cote d’Azur of simply the French Riviera houses lots of holiday lettings, perfect if you want to spend time on the beach.


Normandy is perhaps my favorite place, not only that it’s full of history, you could see the beauty of it today, and it shows a huge difference compared to when it was during the war, it could make you think we are better off without wars and just live in peace.
Normandy in itself is a symbol that detests war.


Amazing sights aren’t they? As you can see, France is pretty diverse in terms of geography. It both has bustling cities to serene countryside landscapes. More than that, it’s also a treasure trove for history fans especially Normandy; where D-Day occurred (it was the Normandy beach landings that turned the tide of war to the Allies’ favor) and also the Normandy beaches stand as a reminder of how horrible the war was.

Whether it’s leisure, relaxation or history, France can give you what you need.
Now, if you’d like to visit those places, it might take longer than a week so if I were you, I’d rent a holiday letting for a couple of weeks.

How to book for one

If you’re new at this, you might wanna look for an online booking site to arrange a schedule, just make sure you’re doing it in advance, say a few weeks ahead of time.

I was looking for affordable France holiday lettings myself, normally I’d look at airbnb, or flipkey but then I thought I’d use a different service this time around. And that’s where I found this fairly new booking site named eGetinnz.

So yeah, first I picked the Country and location I’m after, in my case it was Paris, France since it’s the most accessible.

Then, just set the check in and check out date, and how many guests you’ll be with, in that case mine was just 1, myself.

Press search and presto, it’ll show you the lists of rentals you could book for. I assure you it’s easy.

Tips that you should remember

Always remember that not all vacation rentals or holiday lettings offer the same amenities as a hotel would normally have. Renting for one means you only have an agreement with the owner of the house, but as for most of the time, it’s just you and the house so treat it as you would treat your home.

Also, it’s a good idea to befriend your host as future stays would be easier to arrange if you do. Play nice.

Also be aware that scams can happen so you’d be smart to have a backup plan should things go awry.

Anyways, that’s all of the tips I can give for now, once again it’s been a pleasure

See you all on the next trip! Safe travels!


A Vacation In China

Why China?

Planning for a nice getaway? Thinking about going around Asia? Try picking China as your next destination!

Why China you ask? Well yes, most of us would probably pick Japan or Korea as the usual destination spots when going for a tour in Asia, and Taiwan and Hong Kong are the usual picks too.

Well, let me tell you that China has lots to offer as well.

It’s tricky to go solo since you’ll be using Mandarin most of the time, but don’t let it deter you,  and despite what the western media says about China, it’s a country that offers cultural diversity and are open to visitors.

“It’s a country that offers cultural diversity and are open to visitors”

So, why not open the doors of China and take a step in, and explore?

These sights will surely make you want to book for a trip to China!

Infographic about tourist spots in China

Images and Icons from Freepik and Flaticon respectively.

These aren’t the only places you could visit of course, but these are quite popular tourist spots for starters and there’s more where that came from.


Destinations are one thing, but we’re not just there for the destinations and attractions
Of course there would be festivals and an assortment of things to do.

Speaking of festivals, plan accordingly if you want to experience those as they are seasonal. A very good example is the Chinese Lantern Festival which happens every Chinese New Year.

If you’re packing light, just staying for just a week, I’d suggest you pick a hotel. But if you wanna experience more, and if you’d like to spend a few weeks, that means China vacation rentals is the best for you to get the most out of your trip, and way practical if you’re planning for more than one destination.

At this point you might be wondering about vacation rentals and what are the advantages, but we’ll cover that in another time.

But if you want to know more about it, you could read an insightful article here.

Long story short, prepare in advance whenever you’re traveling, and be ready for anything for a worry free vacation.

Whenever you’re ready, book for a trip and choose your accommodations wisely and make every cent count.

Closing Statement

It’s all fun and excitement when traveling around the world, but it would do you well if you broaden your horizons and study a little bit before you charge in.

Knowledge is Power, and that knowledge and some preparations would help you avoid headaches. Keep that in mind as you go.

It’s been fun writing this article, and I have high hopes this gave you some information and a bit of excitement for your next trip.

See you in the next article, and safe travels fellow adventurers!